We specialise in providing all current and future Reporting Entities with AML/CTF advice, support and strategies to help you meet your Regulatory obligations. Our full service AML/CTF offerings include:

Your AML/CTF Compliance Program

  • Understanding your obligations
  • Preparing AML/CTF Risk Assessments
  • Designing and maintaining a Program suitable for your business
  • Preparing you for Tranche 2
  • Ensuring your program adequately addresses your risks

Independent review

  • Undertaking an Independent Review of your Program
  • Performing key and non key control testing
  • Drafting governance and oversight programs

Know Your Customer Consulting

  • Understanding how to implement your obligations in your business
  • Understanding how you maintain your customer information
  • Testing the effectiveness of your procedure

Training and Awareness

  • Introductory awareness training that can be tailored for your business
  • Specialist coaching for higher risk departments or critical roles, including those within Compliance, Human Resources, Audit and Legal
  • Board tutorials

Assisting with Reporting Requirements

  • Understanding your reporting requirements
  • Advising how and when to Report
  • Leveraging the intelligence generated from your reporting to inform your risk assessment