At MWC we can help you identify, manage and respond to the full suite of financial crime related risks and compliance issues facing your business, including:

AML/CFT Compliance

  • Preparing AML/CFT Risk Assessments
  • Designing and maintaining a Programme suitable for your business
  • Performing control testing

AML/CFT Risk and Assessment Programme – Independent Audit

Undertaking an Independent Audit of your Program is a statutory requirement - but it is also a great opportunity for an organisation to understand the currency and effectiveness of your AML/CFT framework. Our Independent Audits look at both technical compliance with your obligations, as well effectiveness and implementation.


Our Independent Audit methodology:

  • Provides meaningful insights and actionable recommendations
  • Identifies gaps against regulatory obligations, with the ability to track and manage improvement activities
  • Has a full audit trail providing transparency and clarity
  • Provides peace of mind to the Board and demonstrates compliance to Regulators

Due to high demand for Independent Audits we recommend booking your review with us well in advance of any Board or Programme deadlines. Check out this short video we prepared highlighting our service or get in touch here.

Sanctions Compliance

  • Understanding how Sanctions apply to your business
  • Developing a Sanctions compliance programme
  • Maintaining and monitoring Sanctions compliance

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption

  • Understanding how Anti-Bribery and Corruption obligations apply to your business
  • Managing third-party risks
  • Designing and implementing business integrity / due diligence controls

Training and Awareness Programmes

  • Board tutorials for financial crime related risks
  • Coaching and education for higher risk functions (eg Procurement, Human Resources, Internal Audit etc
  • Targeted training that is tailored to key financial crime related risks

Regulatory Strategy

In the event you are facing enforcement action we can assist you to respond and minimise the time, cost and consequences. We can also assist you in:

  • Drafting a Regulatory strategy/assisting you with Regulatory engagement
  • Advising how and when to Report
  • Leveraging the intelligence generated from your reporting to inform your risk assessment
  • broader obligations and risk relating to Privacy, Modern Slavery and Culture

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