The key to regulatory compliance is having a clear strategy, access to expert advice and ongoing support. Compliance Counsel is available to help you achieve compliance without having to invest in costly and limited resources.


Start with the basics

Choose when and what kind of deliverable you need from our recommended list or customise to your own needs (eg Independent Review, Risk Assessment or Training Program).

Catch up regularly

We meet with you on a monthly basis to advise on your financial crime obligations, issues and strategies. We can help you keep on top of your annual plan or tailor your sessions with key staff or departments to focus on deeper issues. We can even support you with your Board or Senior management stakeholders.

Get help when you need it

Sometimes its the little questions that prove to be the biggest roadblocks. ‘Is this a designated service? Should I be reporting this transaction?’. Access to up to 20 hours of complimentary professional advice whenever you need it — just email or call us with a question and get the answers you need to proceed.


Work our network

You will have access to regular member forums and events. Learn about topical issues from key industry contacts and get to know your peers.

For a fixed monthly fee you have ongoing access to experienced, expert advice when you need it. You also benefit from a comprehensive, tailor made deliverable of your choice, to support you and your organisation meet its regulatory compliance obligations.

The benefit of Compliance Counsel is that it can be tailored suit the needs of any entity but we invite you to get in touch and discuss our specifically designed approaches to suit MSB/Remitters and their ADI partners and entities requiring a Regulatory response or supervision scenario.

These structured programs take into account the unique challenges and objectives of registered remittance providers and their banking partners as well as entities who are facing into an upcoming period of remediation.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to talk detail.

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